What are the Charges for A Hot Air Balloon Safari in Jaipur?

Balloon Safari in Jaipur

Consider going for a unique hot air balloon ride at least once in your lifetime if you require an amazing experience. A hot air balloon ride seems to be the most special and unique experience that you might experience flying over the sky and you would never be able to forget the experience. The unique feeling of floating gently over the ground via hot air balloon travel, and being surrounded by blue sky, is a magical experience. Hot air balloon rides seem to be another brilliant way to explore the entire world with a new perspective, and the ride would allow you to view the enchanting locations and sights from a certain height. 

Location for hot air balloon rides in Jaipur

The hot air balloon activity is performed from varying locations in Jaipur such as the exotic Jal Mahal, the majestic Amber Fort, and various other locations. Moreover, the site keeps on changing as per the direction of the wind, and the take-off site is decided by the pilot after consideration of the passengers. Hot air balloon flights in Jaipur are one of the incredible and unparalleled travel experiences that provides you with a more fascinating experience. Fly amidst the sky and have a view of magnificent forts and palaces, glistening lakes, and ecstatic landscape, and make the trip more memorable. Read further to know more about the timings, location, and prices of hot air balloon rides in Jaipur.

Hot air balloon ride price in Jaipur

According to the time of year, both morning and evening flights take place and every flight is of one hour, or the duration of a unique flight could vary according to the weather. The ride starts in September and lasts until the end of April every year and the ticket is available for every ride destination. The tickets could easily be purchased online from a member of the sales team, from any tour manager, or an authorized selling agent. The average price for adults is INR 13,000 and for children, it is INR 9,000. The price of this hot air balloon ride would vary for International and Indian visitors, for International tourists the average price for adults could be USD $300, and for children, it could be USD $200. Don’t go over the cost, just experience the most refreshing and unique view of a place via hot air balloon safari.

Hot air balloon ride timings

The hot air balloon ride gets arranged two hours before sunrise and after two hours of sunset, as these times could be ideal for hot air balloon operation, as the winds during this time are weak which allows smooth passage for the balloon. Experience the most joyful hot air ballooning in Jaipur and make the trip an unforgettable one. The ride provides every tourist with the most joyful experience and the flight lasts for around one hour that you can never forget.


The hot air balloon ride experience leaves you awestruck after the end of the hot air balloon ride and permits you to have a bird’s eye view of various locations. Enjoy the most adventurous activity and capture every view during the flight. 


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