Tips on How to Instantly Make Your Home Look Brighter



If you aren’t happy with your lighting fixtures or fixtures, you can change them out with new ones, or remove the shades that surround the bulbs. What we tend not to understand is that even though the shades made of fabric look beautiful, they are a barrier to light. Also, you can consider investing in high-end floor bunny lamp, based on the dimensions of your space. If you have the space, you could consider a huge pendant light, with an acrylic shade to spread lighting throughout the space.

If you aren’t able to maximize natural light, then using artificial lighting is the only option for bunny lamps. You can also change your bulbs with modern LED bulbs that are readily available on the market. They’ll not only immediately increase the brightness of your home , but will also lower your electric cost. It’s a win-win-win to be truthful.


You can lighten the dark space with no windows by selecting the perfect white shade for your ceilings and walls. It is a fact that painting the walls in white (or any other light shade) is probably the most effective way to make the room seem larger and brighter.

The key is to pick the right tone to fit with your furniture as well as the rest of your interior design. This small issue can be easily solved by looking at the shades of white that interior designers are suggesting nowadays.

Additionally, it’s best to pick a matte-finish for walls and glossy ceilings rather than the opposite since glossy walls cause glare, while glossy ceilings are able to equally diffuse light.


Adding mirrors to your decor will also make your home look more spacious

In the past mirrors were utilized to channel sunlight into tiny areas. If you’re struggling to bring brightness into a space that is not lit by sunlight, adding mirrors to your interior or bunny lamps decor is the most effective option to move forward. Mirrors strategically placed can increase lighting and produce an illusion of light to and brightly lit.

If the room you’re in does not have windows You can put an image on the wall which reflects the most light in order to create fake windows. Besides opening up the place, this DIY decorating hack will also change the focal point of the room along with making it look less claustrophobia-inducing. To get the best effect you can put the mirror in a frame to appear like a real window, or make smaller pieces of it to create an opening within the wall.


Swap the boxy furniture pieces in your home with the lighter ones

Large, bulky furniture doesn’t just take up space, but it also blocks lighting, making the space look crowded and unattractive. If you have a large, dark, and bulky coffee table that is in the middle of your living area, change it out with a smaller table that has glass tops and a few legs which allows you to feel the floor after light enters the glass.

It’s the same for the bedroom furniture that is boxy with an unattractive headboard. Because replacing the entire furniture may be expensive You can begin with removing the headboard. Instead you can add more of the illusion of depth by putting a mirror on the bed, and putting a lamp pendant at the center area. 


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