The Top 5 Scuba Diving Destinations

scuba diving in malvan

India may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of scuba diving, but it has several tropical locations that are prime spots for underwater exploration. From the idyllic coral reefs off the shores of Mumbai to the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, there are plenty of options if you want to go diving in India without leaving your home country. Here are five of the best destinations for scuba diving in malvan India.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is an archipelago of over 1,500 islands (believe it or not!) located northwest of West Papua. Snorkeling and diving are best during the dry season (May to September) but plenty of spots are accessible year-round. This part of Indonesia is a water sport lover’s paradise with scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking and more. We recommend going on multi-day tours from Sorong. It’s a popular destination for divers because of its diversity of sea life, vibrant coral reefs and unique topography. Some say Raja Ampat has some of the most pristine coral reefs in all of Indonesia! If you’re looking for something different than your standard tropical beach vacation, then you’ll want to check out Raja Ampat

.Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is justifiably a top-five scuba diving destination, and one of only three locations in Australia that’s part of a protected marine park. When diving on it, you may be lucky enough to see some of its 2,900 species of fish and more than 200 types of hard coral—which are particularly amazing to observe during mating season, when they change colors. But there’s more than that: There are also 1,500 species of mollusk and over 400 types of birds who live on or visit it regularly. One thing you won’t find when diving here is sharks (they’re not allowed), so rest assured you’ll feel safe. That said, I wouldn’t dive alone.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island is one of Indonesia’s most visited destinations and for good reason. The unspoiled natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and enormous population of Komodo dragons make it a very unique diving experience. The waters around Komodo Island are teeming with a wide range of sea life such as sharks, barracuda, eagle rays, and tuna. In fact, you have a much better chance of spotting an abundance of animals than you do any other person while scuba diving at Komodo Island.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

When you think of scuba diving, it’s safe to say that pristine coral reefs and tropical fish don’t immediately come to mind. If you’re looking for a scuba diving adventure that combines wildlife spotting with underwater exploration, a trip to Ecuador is perfect. The Galapagos Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for their biodiversity—the islands boast more than 1,600 species of plants and animals. In addition to underwater life like manta rays and sea turtles, visitors can spot giant tortoises on land.

 Maldives, Indian Ocean

The Maldives is a tropical island nation made up of more than 1000 islands, spread across 900 miles of ocean. There are countless activities on land (from snorkeling to surfing) and under water (from reef diving to fishing). The average depth of its waters is 125 feet. Find out more about scuba diving in Maldives .


Malvan water sport

Malvan has always been one of my favorite destinations for scuba diving and water sports. It is a tourist-friendly town, and that’s why it’s also very easy to meet people who speak English there. It is also known as Konkan, due to its location. What I love about Malvan is that it offers everything you need for a weekend trip: Beaches, sunsets, hotels and comfortable resorts – even for those who are traveling on a budget. But most importantly, Malvan offers excellent scuba diving!


Whether you’re a hardcore snorkeler, a casual beachgoer or a scuba diver exploring wrecks and reefs, there are plenty of incredible opportunities to explore underwater. So grab your gear and dive into these top five destinations for an underwater adventure of a lifetime. Best wishes! And enjoy! P.S. Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments below!



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