Rebecca Gutman Todesursache, Kinder, Ehemann


Rebecca Gutman Todesursache, Kinder, Ehemann: Gutman, Rebecca Todesursache, Children, and Ehemann: Rebecca Gutman, a Berlin native, was the long-time manager of the Gestüt Bonhomme factory in Werder/Potsdam, Germany.

The effective Hengststation provides a demand for stunning deckhengsten with Cadeau Noir, Maracana, Fiderdance, Grey Flanell, Morricone, or the OS-Siegerhengst Zinedream.

Gestüt Bonhomme secured the champion title and the damalic potential future of Cadeau Noir x Licosto for 1.890.000,00 Euro in 2019.

Todesursache Rebecca Gutman

Gutman, Todesursache Todesursache: Much more important is the philosophy of the gown, which evolved through much passion and horseback riding to become what it is today.

We say our last farewells to Rebecca Gutman, our dear cook, friend, and confidante. She died abruptly and prematurely after a brief but severe illness. Our hearts go out to their immediate family members.

Her mother and daughter have created Bonhomme, a hippological paradise outside Berlin Toren in Werder, named after the französische translation of the Gutman family name.

She mostly managed her own real estate agency in the city, but everyone who saw her in Brandenburg, where she resided with her four children, saw a lady who radiated happiness. Intuitive, has a sincere laugh and a strong concern for horses’ needs.


That each participant in the dialogue gets brought into his or her own ear. They established a cultural hotspot, a world-renowned meeting place where not only amazing people, but also extraordinary objects, collide.


Springreiters are also treated to stunning horse races for the Golden and Silver Pferd. Furthermore, where the horses’ well-being is always a major focus. Tragedies are now dispersing the Pferdewelt.


Rebecca Gutmann died at the age of 54 after a lengthy illness. We mourn with the rest of the Gestüt Bonhomme team, but our hearts go out to Evelyn Gutman, whose bravery we respect for bearing the brunt of this horrific crime.

Kinder, Rebecca Gutman

We look over Rebecca’s life’s work, which she has left behind, with immense appreciation and amazement. She founded and lived by the idea of treating horses with respect on Gestüt Bonhomme.

Your objective of integrating international competition at the highest levels with an age- and art-appropriate approach to horse training and handling has been met.

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Rebecca leaves behind a corpus of art that we all regard with regret and appreciation. While working at Gestüt Bonhomme, she formed and lived her horse-respecting ideology. You did an excellent job with your notion of…

Fiderd She was able to perform at the highest levels of international sport while caring for and protecting her animals in an age- and art-appropriate way.

In her work, she never loses sight of the significance of animal welfare.

Rebecca Gutmann, chef at Werder’s Bonhomme in Berlin’s Toren district,

After a short but painful illness, he died at the age of thirty-one. At the time, she was just a few years old. The corporation is in great distress. Rebecca Gutmann was more than a horse enthusiast.

Her primary business is a sole proprietorship in the city, but everyone who has seen her in Brandenburg with her four children knows that she is a mother of four.

I saw a radiant and joyful woman. Charming, full of empathy for the plight of the horses, and with a warm laugh.


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