IDO Launchpad and Why Blockchains Used For It?

IDO Launchpad and Why Blockchains Used For It?

Launchpads for Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) is a popular crowdfunding method for crypto startups and brokers. The release of IDO tokens increases the available funds. The IDO tokens are the digital equivalent of assets with a fixed value. It’s a distributed system that catalogs potential IDO projects.

Characteristics of IDO Launchpad

The infrastructure for an IDO Launchpad can be built on one or more blockchains. IDO Launchpads are designed to be highly encouraging. And IDO Launchpad has many other features besides those mentioned above, such as:

  • Multi-tier.
  • Compatible with any Blockchain Technology.
  • Integrated Wallet.
  • Quick Token Allocation.
  • KYC Compliance.

Need for IDO Launchpad

When analyzing the challenges of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the opportunities presented by new entrants to the cryptocurrency market, Ido Launchpad stands out as a remarkable depiction or model. Coins purchased with tokens and held by holders are safe in their wallets and are protected by private keys thanks to this representation or model.

IDO Launchpad Employs Blockchain Technology

The following are examples of blockchains used in IDO Launchpad upgrades:

Binance Smart Chain

It has grown significantly and become the platform of choice for many new projects, owing to its speed, compatibility, and low prices. To gain access to the premium section of the platform, users must poll a predetermined amount of BPSCPAD tokens.

Ethereum: DAO Maker

There have been dozens of token sales on this blockchain since 2020. To access Dao Maker, the users have to hold atleast 500 DAO tokens in their wallet.


To participate in Solana, users must have xSLIM tokens, which can be obtained by staking either a SLIM token or a SLIM (LP) token.


It is an innovative contract platform and straightforward in the way of involvement. Here, the user must stake at least 100 CARDS tokens on the media to participate in a lottery.

‍Should you Invest in a Launchpad?

Launchpads help attract funding since they showcase numerous projects in one location. In addition, once joining the launchpad, the VC has first dibs on projects, giving them a leg up on the competition in token pricing.

Is Launchpad Worth the Money?

‍An individual should consider purchasing Launchpad for two primary reasons:

  • In order to participate in the platform’s newly established initiative.
  • In order to have faith that the native token of the launchpad would rise in value.

‍What is IDO Launchpad Script?

IDO Launchpad Script is a prepackaged script that can be used to establish and run a custom decentralized token marketplace. This investment criterion has multiple levels from which the investor can choose.


In an IDO (Initial DEX Offering), users’ tokens are immediately listed on the DEX, setting off a new round of trading; in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), tokens are exchanged beforehand.

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The sort of support provided by IDO Launchap aids in the token’s valuation.


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